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Tennis Coaching

tennis coaching

We offer tennis programs for all levels and all ages ranging from 6 years old to adult classes.

It’s vital for children to get into the habit of exercising from an early age. Numerous studies show that children who exercise with their parents or peers are far more likely to stay fit and active into their adult years. 

Parents play a vital role in determining how physically active their children are. 

Children will naturally move on to grown up sporting activities as they develop, and will stay fit and active through their teenage years while having fun, developing interpersonal skills and building lasting friendships

Squad Session

Players will be invited to Performance sessions.

Those invited must commit to joining for the term and represent their school in inter-school tennis matches. Players will be coached to develop their full potential for school league matches and local and national tournaments and competitions around South Africa.

Sessions consisting of 6 – 14 players with similar abilities will be coached together. Our Squad sessions are run mainly from the Hilton Village tennis courts.
This, we have found, is the best way to fast track your child’s tennis learning experience.

The Primary focus of a Squad session is tactical awareness, decision making under pressure, set plays, routines and mental and physical fitness. The length of these sessions depend on the age and ability of the group concerned.

GS Acadamy aims at providing the best tennis instruction for schools and individuals alike. We aim at making a difference in the lives of school children through tennis as a sport.




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