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Teddy Tennis

teddy tennis

Teddy Tennis is a UK based curriculum that is founded on sports education through a fun, dynamic learning experience.

The program inspires children aged 3 to 6 years to get active and learn to play tennis. It works by combining music, pictures and ‘Teddy Bear’ stories into a totally interactive learning adventure that children love.


  • Hilton Village Courts
  • Garlington
  • Clifton Notties
  • Cowan House
  • Cordwalles
  • Merchiston
  • Kershaw Park
  • Eddels Sports club

The activities focus on the 3 key skills required to play tennis:

  • Movement Skills
  • Ball skills (i.e. hand to eye co- ordination)
  • Racket Skills
  • These activities are accompanied by:
  • Unique Teddy Tennis music
  • Cub cadet cards and stickers tracking their progress each week

There are 2 different
age groups:

  • 3 to 4 years olds
  • 4 to 5/6 year olds
  • Teddy Tennis uses the multi-sensory learning style called VAK, which includes:
    – Visual – they see it
    – Auditory – they hear it
    – Kinesthetic – they do it

We are looking to expand the number of new schools in our region. Should you wish to get a group together at your school we would need a  minimum of 4 pupils to run a class at the venue of your choice. We welcome you to approach us to discuss this in person.

Lessons: 30 to 45 minutes
Once a week for a minimum of 8 weeks per term.

2024 Fees: R800 per term which covers Cub Cadet cards, stickers, and medals. 

Payment: Payable upfront upon registration. These are inclusive of a medal, Stickers, cub cadet card and all equipment.

Let's have fun together

We strive to accommodate you as best as possible.
Please suggest a few days and times that would be convenient for your child.
This will be greatly appreciated. 

Looking forward to a fun and rewarding tennis year with your child/ren.

GS Acadamy aims at providing the best tennis instruction for schools and individuals alike. We aim at making a difference in the lives of school children through tennis as a sport.




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Coach Mitch

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