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Are you a value driven, passionate and dedicated individual or brand?

We are all about partnering with like-minded brands and individuals. Ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship.     

Our office located in the Hilton Village 10km North of the provinces capital, Pietermaritzburg.

We offer career and sponsorship opportunities.

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Feel like making a difference? Do you share the same objectives as we do with regards to the future of our children in South Africa? I’m sure you’ll agree – our communities are full of talented youngsters with a promising future, but exposing needy children to sport is challenging.

Groundstrokes Academy’s mission is to try and provide opportunities and expose as many children as possible to sport irrespective of race, gender or social class.

Groundstrokes Academy is genuinely committed to making a difference and with your help, this will become a reality.

Through outreach tennis initiatives in collaboration with some of our main partners (local schools), we rely on volunteers and sponsorships in order to manage and develop our community-based projects. We are always searching for corporate investment into the mass participation market.

We need your support for the following:

Our sponsors receive the following benefits:

  • Naming rights
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Goodwill associated with addressing “social concerns” where it matters most through a unique sporting project
  • Extensive media coverage of tournaments on most social media platforms and newspapers
  • Visibility and branding at festivals, clinics, tournaments and on social media
  • Logo printed on all participants and coaches t-shirts
  • Potential excellent opportunity to work with various Government departments including the Department of Health; Education; Sport and Recreation; Social Development and Community Safety

Please contact us if you want to be part of this initiative. Email

GS Acadamy aims at providing the best tennis instruction for schools and individuals alike. We aim at making a difference in the lives of school children through tennis as a sport.



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